The Nontoxic Workplace Blog

The Nontoxic Workplace[SM] is a corporate change communications blog that covers data-driven, solutions-oriented, evidence-based messaging for mid middle-market wealth management firms. The blog targets senior executives who display an authentic commitment to creating and maintaining positive employee experience through sustainable, racially equitable organizations.

But it’s not just a “DEI blog,” because research shows organizational racial equity is only one part of positive employee experience. It also covers issues related to creating positive employee experience in organizations facing substantial change, like significant leadership changes, mergers or acquisitions, or reductions in force. How do you create internal communications programs to reach with your team with the right messaging in situations like these?

You'll learn at that here on your way to creating a nontoxic workplace. We'll launch in the next few weeks and announce on LinkedIn when we do. Follow us there to get notified of our launch.

In the meantime, visit The Financial Communicator for corporate communications solutions.